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“Done with gorgeous logic and good humor.”
—Erin McKean

The Evasion-English Dictionary

expanded edition

This expanded edition of The Evasion-English Dictionary comprises 40+ entries on common evasions and verbal camouflage including "like," "whatever," "I'm sorry if," "actually," "so," "sorry" (sorry-not-sorry), "the relationship," and "if."


Photo by: Beowulf Sheehan

Photo by: Beowulf Sheehan


I'm Maggie.

I’m a namer and taxonomist, so most of my time is spent developing hundreds of names and taglines, reading subject glossaries, fussing and organizing terminology, information architecting, and developing classification systems.

I went to grad school for information science (Pratt) and turned my interests into a job I love. I was the solo librarian at Poets House. Before that I was in publishing. I write books; I edit other people’s books. A theme emerges: words words words. I’m where I want to be, mostly, until Ben Mankiewicz tags me in to host Turner Classic Movies.